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"I wanna say thx to a very special man for me, the man who guide's me all the way long, and never stopped believing in me. my personal trainer - Shimon Blumental. Big up! And never forget - our work is never over" Chen Abudi, Israel


"Great working you man!  very professional, great way of explaining the exercises. I though the meal plan would be the hardest thing to follow to my surprise it was very easy and manageable, I saw results in a few weeks, Thank you Bro" Ellan Shemtov, Queens, New York


"Prior to fitness I had no clue what exercises, diet and coaching would be best for me to help achieve my goals in fitness. Shimon Blumental with his vast expertise and patience helped me create a dual body building and diet plan with meal flexibility as well as instructions on how to incorporate exercise and diet in any environment. As well, Shimon would introduce monthly follow ups and any questions I had he would answer quick on a consistent basis. Thank you Shimon for the great service you provided me, I look only forward to working with you and recommend Shimon to all who need!

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