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My goal as the Fitness Rabbi is to coach you mentally with constant motivation; train you to achieve results with minimal time and zero injury .  Creating monthly workout plans that fit your schedule and daily routines.  Creating nutiritional meal plans according to foods you can enjoy daily . Working with the Fitness Rabbi will be a one stop shop!



One on one training to achieve optimal results.   I will train you to gain muscle, shred body fat, build stamina, and strengthen your core.  Most important heal the mind & body.


Providing corporate wellness programs that increase productivity and promote health at your own work desk!  Creating a comfortable environment at work that allows you to stay fit, energetic, clear minded and healthy by designing the right exercises that suit your busy schedule.



Train with a friend, family member or partner to increase your motivation and inspiration by surrounding yourself with others like you! You'll find yourself pushing harder and working smarter.

Boxing Gloves

Excellent aerobic exercise that will engage both your upper and lower body. Trains cardiovascular strength and builds endurance, helps to lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  Great workout for kids and adults.



Specialize in preventing and treating knee injuries related to sport and exercise.

Providing rehabilitation through physical therapy and exercises that will reduce your pain.

aqua fitness pic.png
           AQUA FITNESS


A fun effective water based class!

Great for Muscle toning, Aerobic Exercise, building Strength and Endurance.



I will customize a nutritional meal plan that will incorporate fiber-rich foods, vegetables, whole grains, Lean protein, and healthy fats to increase energy levels and shred body fat.

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